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Do you have a friendship that makes you feel crap? Take this quiz to suss out the signs of a toxic friendship.

What kind of behaviour is ‘toxic’?

If you’re wondering whether your friendship with someone is toxic, there are signs you can look out for. These behaviours should happen more than once or twice, for the friendship to be considered toxic. This kind of friendship is with someone who might:

  • gossip about others or about you
  • criticise and put down you or other people, either subtly or not
  • constantly remind you of your past failures
  • try to manipulate you into feeling a certain way or doing something you don’t want to do
  • stress you out
  • ignore or ghost you often
  • hold a grudge against you or judge you
  • call you names, insult you or make fun of you
  • shut you down or troll you
  • post something about you without permission or hack into your account
  • exclude you in person or online
  • demand too much, without giving anything back.

The best way to decide whether a friendship might not be healthy is to be honest with yourself about how you feel when you’re with that person. Do you generally feel better or worse when you hang out with them? Do you feel recharged or drained of energy whenever you spend time with them? It’s also pretty common that there are both good parts and bad parts. If there’s a friendship you’re not too sure about, take the quiz above to suss it out.

Toxic friendships are bad for our mental health and wellbeing. This kind of behaviour isn’t okay, and is not your fault. Learn how to deal with a toxic friendship here.

What can I do now?