How healthy is your friendship group?

Quiz - Are you in a toxic friendship?

All friendships have their ups and down, but they should never leave you feeling bad about yourself

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"I'm absolutely there for my friends, no matter what. A true friendship you don't expect anything in return, but you get it anyway."


"I have in the past. Had to give up on a friend, but I think it was better for both parties. If it feels wrong, then it is wrong."


"I have had friends that I probably, in hindsight, didn't like very much."


"Ghosting is like the worst like possible method of saying to a friend, 'Look, I just need some space from you'."


"Yes, I've said things to make friends look stupid is the answer. Not proud of it, but it happens."


"Sometimes I'll say things that are perhaps a little bit, they could come across as harsh."


"A friendship, like any relationship is a two way street, so if only one person's putting in, what do you really share?"

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What can I do now?

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