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Guest, host or ring-in… Whichever you are, safe partying is everyone’s responsibility. Read on and get some safe partying tips for making sure that you and your mates get home in one piece after a night out.

This can help if:

  • you want advice on how to keep yourself and your mates safe
  • you’ve found yourself in risky or uncomfortable situations when you’ve gone out partying
  • you’ve had to look after drunk friends too many times.
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What are the risks?

A party is just a bunch of people getting together to have some fun, right? What could possibly go wrong? More often than not parties involve alcohol, drugs and late nights. This combination makes risky behaviour more likely, resulting in more frequent accidents. Some common risks at parties to be aware of include:

  • people wanting to drive after they’ve been drinking
  • people becoming aggressive or violent when on drugs or when drunk
  • drink spiking (this can mean putting extra alcohol in someone’s drink, or giving them drugs without them knowing)
  • unsafe or non-consensual sex
  • drug overdose or alcohol poisoning.

How do I avoid or reduce the risks?

The best way to approach partying is to plan ahead and use your common sense. Understand that once you’ve started drinking or taking drugs, you won’t be able to make decisions like you normally can. Here are some things to organise before you go out:

  • How you’re going to get home: Put some money aside for a taxi, or make sure that someone who won’t be drinking or drugging is the designated driver.
  • Ask your friends to keep an eye on you: If you look out for each other, no one will fall behind.
  • Take protection with you: If there’s even a small chance you might have sex with someone, make sure you have the right protection (such as a condom or dental dam) available so that you don’t end up with a nasty infection or a pregnancy to deal with.
  • Know what you’re taking: Don’t take drugs that seem dodgy, or that have come from an unknown source.

Here are some things to do while you’re out:

  • Order your own drinks and don’t leave them unattended while you hit the dance floor.
  • Don’t get too drunk! Space out your drinks and make sure you have a meal. This will make the night more fun and help you get home intact.
  • Stay calm. If you find yourself in a heated debate, or you’re getting angry for some reason, step away from the action. When you’ve been drinking or taking drugs, you’re more likely to get into a fight and end up either hurt or in a lot of trouble.
  • Tell someone what you’re taking. If you decide to take drugs, make sure someone knows what you’ve taken so they can get you the right help if anything goes wrong.

What can I do now?