Top 5 motivation boosters

Do you have a PhD in Procrastination? We all struggle to get stuff done sometimes, but all it takes is 5 mins to get some motivation back. Our top 5 motivation tips will help you smash your goals and get back on track.

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Remember, getting started is always the hardest part. You've got this.

Top 5 motivation boosters

1. Work out your ‘why’: if you know the benefit of getting the task done, you’ll be more motivated to do it.

2. Put a timer on: set a timer for 20 mins and focus solely on the task at hand. Put your phone away and tell yourself you’ll procrastinate later.

3. Celebrate the wins: make yourself a ‘Ta-da’ list where you write down your achievements, no matter how small.

4. Get moving: go for a short walk or do some stretches, it’ll help you get inspired.

5. Play music: make a playlist of your fave upbeat songs and listen to them when you need an extra push.

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