The InstaList: #bodyposi

We get that scrolling through Instagram is a BIG part of our days, and makes it easy to feel connected to the big wide world. But, sometimes it can leave you not feeling your best. Please enjoy The InstaList, a selection of Instagram accounts that will keep your morning scroll positive, entertaining and just plain hilarious.

Today, we’re rounding up the Top 5 body positive accounts to follow – if you love celebrating bodies, no matter their size, shape or colour, then this is the list for you.

You know we’re all about diversity and representation – and there’s nothing more important than feeling like you can relate to the people in your feed. Hit follow as quick as you can on these awesome accounts:

Will It Look Good On Me, Though?

Two badass best friends Michelle and Piaget, from Will It Look Good On Me, Though? have dedicated their account to showing how the same makeup looks on their different complexions. What started out as a focus on lipsticks has turned into a full-on lovefest for what makes us unique. We love how they prove that fashion, makeup and beauty aren’t just for runway models.

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Bopo Boy

While the #bodyposi movement is dominated by boss ladies, we know guys need it just as much. We love that Stephen, the Bopo Boy, talks about reframing the way you talk about your body – instead of focusing on the flaws, he’s all about celebrating the strengths.

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No list of body positivity advocates would be complete without Jameela Jamil and iWeigh. iWeigh showcases exceptional people doing amazing things – living their best damn lives in spite of what social media tells them they should/shouldn’t be doing. We love that Jameela posts before-and-after photoshop pics, breaking down the perfect photos we see on the gram and reminding us that not everything we see can be believed.

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Ruby Allegra

Ruby Allegra is smashing social media stereotypes wide open with their representation of a babe living with a disability. Identifying as a gender-fluid human living in a disabled body, Ruby unapologetically shares their life on the ‘gram – the highs, lows and in-betweens of living with a differently-abled body. They’re also a makeup artist; if you’re bored with the same bodies and lifestyles filling up your feed, hit up Ruby for some colourful, and inclusive, representation.

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The EveryMan Project

Just like the Bopo Boy, The EveryMan Project proves that loving on your body isn’t just for the ladies. Celebrating a diverse range of bro bods is what this account is all about – making it easy to have a think, or chat, about diversity! There’s nothing better than seeing beautiful bodies being celebrated by the world, so slide on over to The EveryMan Project for some seriously cool dudes in your feed.

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Bonus: Hi, Ur Beautiful

You know we love a good Instagram quote, so how could we do this roundup without Hi, Ur Beautiful copping an honorable mention. If you like daily reminders that you’re fabulous, then look no further. With regrammable quotes for every occasion, you’ll never be short on inspo with this account in your feed.

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