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Get yourself sorted by downloading these 5 apps before school starts.

This can help if:

  • you're about to go back to school
  • you want apps to help with school
  • you want some help to make the school year better.
Girl at school looking at phone

1. Get your sleep sorted

After an entire summer holiday of late nights and epic sleep-ins, who couldn’t do with some help with getting back into the swing of things?

Recharge uses the latest sleep science to create a daily routine that will help you to sleep better. A better sleep routine can also help improve your mood, your energy and your general wellbeing – all things that will make going back to school just a little bit easier!

What did you like about it? (Review from an actual user).

‘I liked the inability to turn the alarm off without getting out of bed... It makes it much harder to ignore the alarm.’

2. Don't let the bad stuff take over

Daily activities to help you build resilience can help you to get stronger, happier and healthier.

SuperBetter uses gaming techniques to help you tackle a tough challenge, change what isn't working and reach your goals. You can get support and help others while having fun.

Why is it good? (Review from an actual user).

The humour of it! Made me giggle - battle 1 bad guy, hug yourself, the quests - it's very intriguing and takes my mind off things! This is by far one of the best apps I've seen in regards to mental health and I would recommend it to anyone. I think it helps reduce the stigma too, because stress, depression and anxiety doesn't all have to be black - but can be colourful and a lot of fun too.

3. Reconnect with friends

One thing you’ll want to avoid when you get back to school is awkward chats with friends you haven’t seen all summer – ESPECIALLY if you feel they were a bit of a crap friend to you over the break!

The Check In takes you through when to have a chat, things you might want to say and how to avoid saying the wrong thing.

What’s good about it? (Review from an actual user).

‘The layout and design is smooth, looks good and is easy to navigate. It’s made so you can use it in a clear, determined way so that no steps are missed.’

4. Get organised

We’ve all started a new school term with the goal of getting super-organised and planning our study so that things don’t get overwhelming. Well, My Study Life helps to turn that goal into a reality!

The app keeps all your important info – such as your classes, homework, exams and tasks – in one place. You can access it from any device, and any changes you make will automatically sync across platforms. (It won’t matter anymore if you’ve left your school diary at home – phew!)

What’s to like about it? (Review from an actual user).

‘I liked the fact that you can customise it for you. You can add your classes, put in due dates, ask for reminders, etc.’

5. Stay calm

When you’re back at school, it can be really hard to keep stress at bay. Get started with some meditation and relaxation exercises early in the term. These tools will help you to cope when things get a bit harder.

Stop, Breathe, and Think gives you simple meditation tasks to follow, and allows you to choose the length and type of meditation that works for you.

Why is it good? (Review from an actual user).

‘The simplicity of the design. The soothing voice that talks you through the meditations. How it asks you questions if you are unsure what meditation is right for you and will give you a list.’

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