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Whether you’re changing schools, starting uni or you’d just love a new bestie: everyone goes through the experience of wanting to make new friends at some point in their life. Sometimes this can be easy as, but unfortunately there are times where it’s not quite as simple.

If you’re in the early stages of wanting to make some new mates, you might be thinking: where do I even start? So we went to the street to ask people for their top tips for making new friends.

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How to make new friends

Meeting new people and creating new relationships can be a nerve-wracking experience, because you have to really put yourself out there.

It can be tough to get started, so we’ve put together our 10 best tips to guide you on making some new mates:

  • Join a club or sports team, something that gets you meeting new people.
  • Be open-minded and open to new things.
  • Be confident and start conversations.
  • Break the ice with a joke or a compliment.
  • Put yourself out there and genuinely be yourself.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously.
  • Show you want to learn more, ask questions about their life and hobbies.
  • Send them memes you know they’d like.
  • Practise active listening and make eye contact.
  • Be friendly and warm, kind and encouraging.

What can I do now?