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Sometimes life can be hard and cause feelings of grief or sadness. For some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, these feelings get so strong they think about hurting themselves.

But a lot of people who are thinking about hurting themselves don’t really want to die, they just want the painful feelings to stop. It can be helpful to have a plan to get through hard times.

A safety plan reminds you of reasons to live, things that make you feel strong, family and friends you can yarn to, and activities to do when you’re alone. A safety plan can walk you through the steps to feeling strong again.

You can make your own safety plan on your phone using Beyond Now and you can select an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander version in the app settings. The app guides you through easy steps and offers ideas for each step. It can be updated and shared with anyone you want.

beyond now step by step infographic

Download transcript of the above infographic.

It’s free to download from the Apple Store or Google Play and if you don’t have a smartphone it’s also available online.

For more information on using Beyond Now, visit Beyond Blue.

Download Beyond Now

Beyond Now was developed by Beyond Blue. Beyond Blue is grateful for the generous input of a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members and representatives from Health Services and organisations which has helped shape the design and content of Beyond Now.

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