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Warren has learnt some pretty awesome lessons from his experience of identifying as a transgender person. He offers some simple advice to anyone struggling with their sexuality or gender.

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What are Freedom Stories?

Together with ACON, ReachOut worked with some talented filmmakers and storytellers to produce a number of digital stories. Our storytellers share their own experiences of coming to terms with their sexuality and gender, and talk about what they know now that they wish they’d known before.

About the filmmaker

Peta Khan, founder of Maitree House creative agency, is a documentary filmmaker and producer with extensive experience in community development, non-profit marketing and video production. Peta is interested in the power of storytelling to effect positive change in our communities and to connect people around the world. She is currently researching and producing creative documentary projects that take stories off the screen and into unique locations and authentic ‘experiential’ spaces.

What can I do now?