5 steps to talking about bullying

Bullying sucks and you shouldn't have to deal with it alone. Rahart Adams shares 5 tips for how you to tell someone you're being bullied.

Step 1: Kick your worries to the kerb

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If you're being bullied it can be really hard to even gain the courage to talk about it, but it is really important that you do.

Step 2: Find your people

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Step 3: Rehearse it

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Step 4: Time it right

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Step 5: Don't give up

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What can I do now?

  • Not sold? Check out this video on how talking really helped a bunch of young people who experienced bullying.

  • Think about how you'll respond next time you're facing a bullying situation. Get the low down on 2 options here.

  • It's really important to look after yourself. Check out some examples of self-care tips here.