What to do if you are being bullied

If you’re wondering what to do if you're being bullied, looking after yourself can help you reduce your stress and feel more positive and hopeful. We chatted to a bunch of young people who are overcoming bullying to share their own self-care tips, which include:

  • listening to music, reading books, watching YouTube

  • doing things you enjoy

  • sports - going jogging and playing soccer

  • practise mindfulness and meditation

  • walking home from school.

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What can I do now?

  • Take 5 and reflect on how you can make sure you're looking after yourself. Check out this article for our top 5 tips.

  • If you're interested in giving mindfulness a go, hit up the Smiling Mind app.

  • Check out this forum thread, it (actually) has 1,000,001 ways to look after yourself when life gets shit/you fell down/everything sucks etc. They're simple, effective, easy things to do to make yourself feel just a little bit better.