How Ashleigh dealt with cyberbullying

When Ashleigh was being cyberbullied, she felt alone, scared and helpless. Here’s how she managed the situation with the help of her friends and family.

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What Ashleigh learned

  • Ashleigh started receiving abusive messages over Facebook.

  • Her self-care at that time was to take a break from social media.

  • Blocking people through her social media channels and removing contact from that person gave her a sense of security.

  • She took a step back from all of that and ensured she spent a lot of quality time with family and friends.

What can I do now?

  • Try taking a bit of a break from social media...scary we know!

  • Check out the 5 steps you can take to help you deal with a cyberbullying situation.

  • It's really important to look after yourself. Check out some examples of self-care tips here.