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If you've been called a bully it means that someone is telling you that your behaviour is not okay. That’s because bullying is a serious issue that can cause all people involved - the person getting bullied, the person doing the bullying and any witnesses - real harm.

For the person being bullied it’s a very stressful experience that can have a serious and long term impact on their life. It also can cause stress for the people watching it, who may feel helpless and afraid that they’ll be next.

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  • Take 5 minutes to think

    While there's never an excuse for bullying, there can be a whole range of reasons for the behaviour. It might be anger, frustration, peer pressure - and in some cases if you have experienced bullying yourself.

    A key to changing your behaviour is learning to understand what you're doing and why. Take 5 minutes to think about what's going on for you and steps you can take to change how you react next time.

  • "I messaged the girl and apologised": AprilScarlet's bullying story

    Lots of people have been called a bully, you can read more about forum user AprilScarlet's experience of being called a bully here. You can also get help with your own experience, just tell us what's happening for you by making a post about your bullying experience.

  • Get some perspective by talking to someone you trust

    If you feel like your behaviour might have strayed from teasing into bullying, it's a good idea to talk through what's going on for you. It's not easy, but when it comes to getting some perspective, it's usually the best thing you can do. Take a minute to message or IM a friend or family member and let them know what's on your mind.

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Don't be that person

Sometimes, the line between teasing and bullying can seem a little hazy and things can go too far. One young person reflects on the bullying situation she really regrets.

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Dont be that person
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