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About bullying

Bullying happens when a person or a group of people repeatedly and intentionally use words or actions to cause distress and harm to another person’s wellbeing. It isn’t the same as a ‘normal’ conflict between people (such as having an argument or a fight) or simply disliking someone. It’s more about repeated behaviour by someone who has power or control over someone else.

What does it look like?

It can happen anywhere: in schools, at home, at work, or in online social spaces, such as text messages, emails, or posts on Instagram, Facebook or another social media site. It can be physical, verbal and/or emotional, and is really about someone intimidating or exercising control over someone else in a way that makes them feel afraid or embarrassed.

ways to look after yourself if youre experiencing bullying

What to do if you are being bullied

If you’re experiencing bullying, looking after yourself can help you reduce your stress and feel more positive and hopeful. We chatted to a bunch of young people who’d experienced bullying and they shared their own self-care tips.

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