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Workplace bullying is any ongoing harmful or threatening behaviour by a person or group of people in your workplace that creates a risk to your health and safety.

It can happen in any kind of workplace, and the person or group doesn’t need to be a manager or someone in a position of power over you.

Bullying can come from co-workers just as much as it can come from your boss.

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  • Get support on the ReachOut Forums

    Bullying in the workplace can be confusing because you're not expecting it and you might not know who to talk to about it. Hear stories from other young people or share your experience in our safe and anonymous forums.

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  • One word: YouTube

    If you have access to it at work or on your phone, YouTube is pretty much a cave of wonders for a quick 5-minute pick-me-up. Jimmy Fallon's Lip Sync Battles or Wheel of Musical impressions never get old. Or just type in Vine compilations and see where it takes you...

  • Get out of your workplace for 10 minutes

    Take a break. Go for a walk around the block, grab a coffee, sit in the park, and try to get some physical space between you and your bullying situation.

Advice for those being bullied

While the experts are awesome at helping out with a bullying situation, sometimes it’s great to hear from someone who’s been there. We asked a stack of young people who had experienced bullying for their best piece of advice.

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Advice for those experiencing bullying
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