How Ben (The Naked Farmer) deals with his anxiety

Ben's been anxious most of his life, but he didn't realise what it all was until his grandma spotted it. Now he runs a social media platform called The Naked Farmer, encouraging farmers to talk openly about mental health. Hear about his journey with anxiety below.

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It takes guts to get your kit off, just like it takes guts to talk about mental health.

Some strategies that Ben uses to manage his anxiety include:

  • Making small goals from one to ten – one being the big goal, like doing a full grocery shop alone, and ten being the first, simple step, like walking to the grocery store, towards reaching that last goal.

  • Having a healthy diet – when Ben eats well, he feels good and is happy.

  • Taking time out to relax and be mindful – this looks different for everyone. For Ben, this is putting his phone on aeroplane mode, going out to the farm and checking up on the sheep. Being present in nature, alone and in silence.

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