Picking yourself back up during COVID-19

Edwin's plans for his first year of university have been interrupted by COVID-19. Instead of experiencing the most fun and social year of his life, he's found it to be a lot more lonely than expected. His screen time and social media use have blown out and become a big problem, due to all the extra time he’s spent at home during lockdown.

This video has been produced as a collaboration between ReachOut and Beyond Blue.

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Don’t lose sight of what your goals were before all this started.

Some of the ways Edwin has kept culturally connected and looked after his wellbeing include:

  • Speaking in his mother tongue with his parents and family members in India.

  • Reaching out to and chatting with friends in Australia, who have reassured him that he’s not alone.

  • Reminding himself that he doesn’t have to be really productive during this time.

What can I do now?

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