Ways to Relax: Oddly satisfying

These are some of the stranger videos on the internet – Wallace and Gromit cheese carving, slime creation or even paintings made from spinning tops. The continual flow appeals to your brain’s attraction to symmetry, patterns and repetition. Small, simple movements are magnified, which keeps your brain in the present and lets your other worries fade away.

It might sound a little weird but give it a go the next time you can’t stop thinking about an exam or job interview. Before you know it, you’ve watched 20 loops in a row!

High Satisfaction

If you’re not sure what kind of oddly relaxing videos work for you, High Satisfaction has a collection of paintings, carvings, animations and plenty more. Get started here to discover what videos really do it for you.

Oddly Satisfying

The Oddly Satisfying channel puts the ‘odd’ in ’oddly satisfying.’ You’ll find all sorts of things here, but what’s great is they’ve made playlists and long videos for specific things you might be going through. There are videos for quieting your mind, relieving stress and even to improve your sleep.

How It’s Made

How It’s Made shows us how everyday objects and food are made. This one is great if you’d like something repetitive but are also interested in learning something new. Finding out how biscuits are made and packaged, or where rubber bands come from may be random, but super cool too!

Magic Fabrics

Magic Fabrics combines fashion and gaming technology to create fun and weird animations. They take familiar elements, and then twist them into something new. This one is great for stimulating your imagination.


Rogerkilimanjaro features very short animations that take advantage of Instagram's auto-looping feature. The endless loop plays to your brain’s desire for symmetry and repetition.

What can I do now?

  • Check out our Ways to Relax collection to find more videos to calm your mind.