Outback Tom yarns with mob about being a good ally

By Tom Forrest (aka Outback Tom), a proud Yorta Yorta man raised in the East Kimberleys.

I think being an ally to the First Nations community is crucial in promoting understanding, respect and equality. I went and had a yarn with a few Indigenous leaders and inspirational individuals from various industries to hear what they thought. I figure that Mob are the best people for non-Indigenous Australians to learn from, so that you can actively support and uplift the First Nations community.

Throughout my journey as an Indigenous journalist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of having a good ally in your corner. Allies have played a pivotal role in amplifying my voice and the voices of countless Indigenous individuals, creating spaces where our perspectives are valued and respected. Together, we can become voices for generations and contribute to a more inclusive society.

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A good ally to mob is not someone who just does it for show. It's someone who actually holds space and opens up doors for mob.

Listen and learn from Indigenous perspectives

  • Seek out Indigenous voices and engage in respectful dialogue, so that you can gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous cultures, histories and experiences.

  • Actively challenge stereotypes and racism, advocate for justice and equality, and amplify Indigenous voices to create positive change.

  • Try to create inclusive spaces where Indigenous perspectives are valued and respected. By fostering environments that embrace diversity, we can empower Indigenous Australians to excel in various fields, supporting their cultural identity and pride.

Help preserve Indigenous cultures

The mob I chatted to let me know how strongly they feel about preserving Indigenous cultures and ensuring future generations get to thrive. They emphasised the importance of maintaining Indigenous languages, traditions and connections to the land.

Being a voice for generations means actively promoting and celebrating Indigenous achievements, contributions and talents. Acknowledging and respecting Indigenous cultures and traditions is also essential. This involves valuing our customs, participating in cultural events and supporting Indigenous-led initiatives.

Non-Indigenous Australians play a really important role in fostering positive change and creating a more inclusive society. By embracing some of the things mob shared in the video, individuals from all backgrounds can take actionable steps towards being good allies, and make significant strides to a future where all voices are valued and celebrated, and the wellbeing of all Australians is promoted.

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