Staying socially connected during coronavirus – with FlexMami

We all have to play our part in the fight to keep our communities safe from COVID-19 and unfortunately ongoing lockdowns are a big part of that. As a result, you probably haven’t been able to stay connected with friends like you normally would. But never fear, there are actually heaps of fun ways of connecting with your friends, without breaking the law!

We got together with FlexMami to bring you our ultimate tips for staying socially connected, even when you’re physically apart.

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Some of ReachOut and FlexMami's tips from the video include:

  • Watch a movie or TV series with your mates using Netflix Party.

  • Set up a WhatsApp group with your friends, name it 'Quaran-memes' and share all the best corona memes you see.

  • Start a Quaran-Tunes playlist with a friend.

  • Pick a pal that you're comfortable with and write a diary. You can create a shared Google doc, name it 'The Lockdown Diaries' and promise to write in it regularly.

This is a confusing time for everyone, but it’s never been more obvious that we’re better together

What can I do now?

  • Head to our forums to chat to other young people.