7 different friends you'll have in your life

Not every friend you make will end up being your BFF, but it's still 100% worth putting yourself out there and meeting new people. We’ve put together a list of 7 different friends you’ll have in your life and why they’re worth making.

The school friend

Whether you find this friend in primary or high school (or even TAFE or uni) they’ve seen you at your best and worst. Surviving exams, relationships, parties and all the awkward stuff that happens when you’re a teenager is a fast ticket to friendship. You might lose touch once you leave school, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. These friendships will always be special because they knew you before you were cool, have been through some pretty special things with you and you’ll always have your inside jokes.

The party friend

You probably met this friend somewhere at high school or university – both times when a lot of partying is happening. They’re always the first one to turn up and the last one to leave. They’ve witnessed some of your wilder moments – and maybe even encouraged them.

The work friend

Your work bestie is the person who gets you through those nightmare shifts and makes the staff party worth attending. You probably send them frantic messages when they're away from work and get mad when they go on coffee runs without you. You might not hang out together much outside of work, but that doesn't make this friendship any less awesome.

The older friend

This friend is the one you go to for advice when you’re confused, freaking out or in need of some hyping up. Whether you’ve flunked a test, are applying for a job or have finally worked up the courage to talk to that cute barista, they’ve probably been in your shoes before. They know exactly how you’re feeling, and there’s nothing better than having someone who understands.

The online friend

Social media has made it super easy to slide into someone’s DMs and make friends. Chatting to people over the internet is a great way to feel connected to the world around you – especially if you’re feeling isolated because of school or work. Being able to share your life with someone from the comfort of home and your laptop is very tempting – but remember to take care of yourself too.

The bestie

This friend just ‘gets’ you. They never judge, they love you unconditionally and they’ve always got your back. This doesn’t mean they’re blind to your flaws – they’ll be the first to tell you if you’re being annoying or doing the wrong thing – but they love you anyway. They always return your texts, remember to do something special for your birthday and know all your secrets (and keep them). Whenever you’re hanging out with this friend you feel amazing and comfortable. You might not see them all the time but when you do you pick up right where you left off.

The frenemy

Think Regina George from Mean Girls – this person acts just like your best friend, but neither of you really like each other. Maybe you put up with each other each other for the sake of your other mates, or maybe it’s easier than walking away, but it’s important to know that this friendship is probably best left behind. This friendship will teach you some pretty valuable life skills. You'll learn how to stand up for yourself, how you expect to be treated by your friends and will develop an even greater appreciation for the mates who've really got your back.

There are so many reasons a friendship can end – maybe you’ve just drifted apart, maybe you’ve made new friends that you have more in common with, or maybe it was just a crappy friendship that’s best left in the past. Whatever the reason, remember to take care of yourself (we’ve got some tips here) and always know that your new best mate could be just around the corner.

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