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Sexual assault is when you are forced, coerced or tricked into doing sexual things when you don’t want to. Sexual assault is never the fault of the survivor. It is also a common experience to wonder whether an experience you’ve had could be sexual assault. You might experience a range of emotions and it’s important to know there are support services who can help you.

Learn more about Sexual assault

Get more info on sexual assault

You might be unsure whether what’s happened is sexual assault. Read about what sexual consent legally is and get some more information about what sexual assault is, including what you can do next.

Support a friend who's been sexually assaulted

It can be confronting if someone you care about has told you they’ve been sexually assaulted. We’ve put together some tips on how you can best support them and look after yourself.

Get tips.

Talk to someone

Sexual assault is never okay. You might feel confused, overwhelmed, or unsure what to do next. Talking to someone can help you process what’s happened. Try approaching someone you trust.

If you’re not ready to talk to someone you know, you can call 1800RESPECT to have a chat or get advice. Here are some more support services you can call or text.

Get support from other young people

If you're not sure who, or how, to talk to someone about what you're going through, you can read about how other young people cope in the ReachOut Online Community. The Community is a safe space where young people support each other through tough times.

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Sexual assault action plan

Take steps to move forward.

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Get info, support and hear from other young people.

Agencies that can help

If you need to talk to someone, our partners can help.
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