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Bullying happens when a person or a group of people repeatedly and intentionally use words or actions to cause distress and harm to another person’s wellbeing. It isn’t the same as a ‘normal’ conflict between people (such as having an argument or a fight) or simply disliking someone. It’s more about repeated behaviour by someone who has power or control over someone else.

What does it look like?

It can happen anywhere: in schools, at home, at work, or in online social spaces, such as text messages, emails, or posts on Instagram, Facebook or another social media site. It can be physical, verbal and/or emotional, and is really about someone intimidating or exercising control over someone else in a way that makes them feel afraid or embarrassed.

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  • Talk to someone, anyone

    We chatted to a bunch of young people who had all experienced bullying in Australia and they all agreed on one thing – talking was the thing that helped them more than anything else.

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  • Get support from people who've been there

    If you're not sure who, or how, to tell someone, we've got you covered. Share your experiences anonymously on the ReachOut Forums, a safe online community of young people who support each other through tough times.

  • Express yourself

    A safe way to express your feelings and anger about bullying is to write a message to the person who’s been bothering you. This is a proven technique that will help get things off your chest without complicating the situation. The trick, of course, is never to send it. So take a few minutes to write a message - and then see how many tiny little pieces you can rip it up into. Satisfying!

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