5 lessons we can learn from Queer Eye

Queer Eye is the gift that keeps on giving – YAS HENNY!

We love how the Fab Five encourage us all to become the best versions of ourselves – and not just on the outside. While we’re perfecting our guacamole and french tucks, we’re also learning about self-love, acceptance and the power of reaching out.

Here are five important lessons from the everyday heroes that the Fab Five met in Season 4.


queer eye

1. Make yourself a priority

Two of our heroes, Kathi and Brandon, have been so caught up in taking care of other people, they’ve forgotten to take care of themselves. It’s not about a makeover; it’s about making yourself a priority. JVN said it best to Kathi, his high-school music teacher: ‘There is someone in here who deserves your attention too.... You deserve to give back to yourself.’

Take the time to reflect on what’s important to you, set some personal goals, and take a few moments for yourself each day. If you take care of you, you’ll have more energy to give to the people you love.

2. Let go of the past to make way for the future

Community activist Wesley is an incredible, positive young man who has a loving family, runs his own organisation and smashes fitness goals. But Wesley feels that the pain from his past experiences is holding him back from reaching his full potential. The Fab Five encourages him to face his past. With their help and support, Wesley displays immense courage and forgiveness in order to let go of his old life and embrace the future.

While directly confronting the past might not be the best approach for everyone, Wesley’s story teaches us the importance of getting support to acknowledge the struggles that have shaped us, learning from them, and then looking forward in life.

3. Don’t hide away from the world

Heroes John and Kenny have been nominated by people who love them and are worried that they are letting life pass them by. While we all need a doona day every now and then, hiding away to avoid facing your feelings can close you off from new opportunities.

The Fab Five help John and Kenny come out of their shells. Opening up allows them to accept the love and support of the people around them. If you’ve put the walls up and are feeling isolated, a good first step is to let someone know how you’re feeling.

4. Tell the people you love how you feel about them

Wanda is the fierce coach of the Python’s Drill Team, which has been the sole focus of her life for decades. In a heartbreaking scene, we watch Wanda’s daughters tell her they think their relationship could be stronger. Wanda is shocked that they find it hard to talk to her about their feelings. Sometimes we assume that the people closest to us know how we feel, so we don’t actually say it out loud.

Wesley’s mum, Dawn, is another great reminder of how important it is to share your feelings. It means the world to her when he says, ‘I love you, Mum’ and thanks her for all the sacrifices she’s made for him.

You don’t need to make a big production of it. Send your loved ones a text, an email, a DM or even make a phone call. We all need to be reassured that we’re loved, and that the people we care most about care for us.

5. Ask for help if you need it

After taking a big step and opening up to Karamo, John tells his ex-wife, Julie, that he’s been dealing with depression. Reaching out reassures John that he’s not alone, and helps Julie to understand what he’s going through and to support him.

We can all feel like we just have to get through these things by ourselves – but the people who love us want to be able to support us when we need it. During tough times, sharing our feelings about what we’re going through, and maybe even asking for help, can make them a little easier to manage.

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