Quiz: Checking in with yourself

When you’re not feeling so hot, it can be tricky figuring out what’s wrong. It’s easy to get swept up in life’s responsibilities – from school, to work, to keeping up relationships with friends and dealing with expectations from family.

Slow down, take a breath and reflect on how you’re dealing with everything. Maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything on your plate, or feeling down and unmotivated because you’ve lost some of your routine or favourite hobbies. You might be acing some parts of life, but feeling unsure about others.

Take this quiz to check in with yourself. We’ll help you pinpoint what’s going well, and how you can improve what isn’t going so well.

What can I do now?

  • Get our tips on dealing with change, for when life throws you curveballs.

  • Talking things through can help you process how you’re feeling. Book a free, text-based session with a peer worker using ReachOut PeerChat here.

  • It can be tough when something you were looking forward to falls through. Get our tips on dealing with disappointment.